Our Fees

Private fee payers

New Patient Exam

Extensive Exam


Hygiene Visit

Hygiene Visit with Sandeep or Anita

Direct access with Hygienist


Composite Fillings
from £97.75

Tooth Whitening

from £115.80

from £675.00


Root Canal Filling
from £245.00

Bridge per unit

Dentures (acrylic or cobalt chrome)
from £600.00

Emergency appointment

Initial consultation with Dentist with specialist interest in Periodontology

Hard acrylic splint
from £275

Crown recement
from £30

Occlusal assessment
From £150.00

Air Abrasion

Denplan Care

A £15.99
B £24.00
C £28.71
D £37.32
E £43.44

Denplan Essentials

A £8.95
B £17.99

Simply health professionals is a payment plan that allows you to spread the cost of your private dental care throughout the year.

Simply health professionals arrange the payments between you and your dentist but the treatment and ongoing care of your mouth itself is between you and your dentist for your peace of mind.

As part of the plan you can also opt in to insurances including worldwide cover. Please contact the Practice for more information.

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